Foetsie!® by Hank - Rotterdam B.V.


Foetsie!® by Hank - Rotterdam B.V.,
founded in 2001 by Wiep van der Meulen.


The founder invented the electric whisk and introduced. There has Foetsie! ® due to its prominence.

The Foetsie! ® brand and brand Foetsie! ® are registered worldwide.


The Foetsie!® A-brand stands for developing / selling high-quality products free of pesticides and other chemicals.











The Foetsie!® A-brand range comprises the following product groups:


- Electric Fly swatters

- Plastic Fly swatters

- Fly Tape / Multi Fly Stick ans Fruit Fly Catchers

- Electric Fly Lamps from nursery to fly Horeca Lamps

- Citronella Bracelets “Klik-Klak”

- Heaters in different types and sizes which serve for (emergency) heating / (emergency) lighting and also be suitable for cooking / grilling on.


The electric fly catchers feature European label EC - Conformity Certify Directive 73/23 / EEC and meet the highest standards EN-60335.


The electric fly lamps feature European label EC - Confirmity Certify Directive 89/336 / EEC and satisfy the highest demands.


Then, all electric appliances with TNO / TÜV Rheinland / DEKRA and RoHS test reports.


Foetsie!® by Hank - Rotterdam B.V. is located in Rotterdam since sinds 2015 gevestigd te Rotterdam.


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